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INBC 2142 Malibu Tower3B 30B-LP-01.png

About the Apartment

Location: Lohas Park - Malibu
Layout: 2-Bedrooms Apartment
Area: 552 square feet

Artistic Coating , Built in Furnitures

Japanese Minimal Style with Natural Wood Accents

This serene apartment inspired by Nordic and Japanese design philosophies. It’s grounded in a deep reverence for nature and its uncomplicated, imperfect beauty. Designers tend to draw inspiration from nature to design a Japanese Minimal Style to serve as a soothing oasis for this family.

Living and Dining Room

Slatted Wood Design and Artistic Coating

In order to create a calm and light-filled space, designers incorporated slatted wood design for the cabinets. Paired with the off-white artistic coating, the textured wall conveys a sentimental aesthetic of wabi-sabi philosophy.

In the dining room, the minimal floor-to-ceiling cabinet with a curved niched balanced aesthetic and funtionality. To encourage fluidity and spaciousness, round table is perfect in a limited space for gathering.

Master Bedroom

A soft, minimal aesthetic with a wabi-sabi vibe run through the master bedroom. The designer used a muted grey artistic coating for the wall, together with light wood headboard, to provided a sense of escapism, where comfort and quiet would reign supreme.

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