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星濤1712 layout 2_edited.png

About the Apartment

Location: Starfront Royale
Layout: Studio Flat
Area: 209 square feet

Painting , Built-in Furniture, Loft

A Light and Compact Loft Design for a Studio Flat

Spatial design is particularly essential for a studio flat. Instead of accommodating all functional areas horizontally, the designer opted for vertical design by leveraging the advantage of the high ceiling. The space features a peaceful, minimalist aesthetic with a sense of serenity. 

Living and Dining Room

It is always a challenge between storage space and mobility. The designer incorporated multi-functional furniture, smoked glass mirror, clear glass and lighting effect to balance the storage needs and space optimization. 

Custom-made built-in storage unit integrates with a hidden extension table, allowing a sense of spaciousness and flexibility without sacrificing a proper dining area. 

Curved design and slatted wood of the TV feature wall added a minimal and calming design accent to the living area.


For this loft design, the lower level has the main purpose of social gathering, while keeping the upper level an isolated and private sleeping space.

Room Tour

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