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About the Apartment

Location: Fotan - The Arles
Layout: 4 Bedrooms Apartment
Area: 945 square feet

Painting , Built in Furnitures,

Alteration work ​

Modern Luxury Style with Seamless Design

Located in Fotan The Arles, this 945 sq. ft. flat was designed for a young couple who wanted a sophisticated and modern luxurious home. The designers incorporated marble, wood and sleek metal to spice up the interior.

Living and Dining Room

A floor-to-ceiling cabinets connected with TV cabinets and feature wall with seamless design to convey a sense of simplicity and continuity. 

The marble bar table adds texture and layering to the space which is perfect for large get-togethers and socialising in this gathering space.

Walk-in Closet

The walk-in closet was restructured to make it bigger by using two bedrooms for clothes storage. Metalic details and unique feature glass enhances the glamorous and elegant effects.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, the queen-sized bed is set against a headboard made with soft beige upholstered fabric, with a pendant light hanging from above, which adds a sense of cosiness and softness.


The brighht and vibrant colour pallete in this bedroom reflects the characteristics of the owner's son. For a growing kid, fun and stylish are the the key elements of the room. So, the designer embellished the space by a artistic wallpaper and special touches of curved panels.  

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