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About the Apartment

Location: The YOHO Hub

Layout: 3 Bedrooms Apartment
Area: 726 square feet

Alteration work , Built in Furnitures,
Painting  , Wallpaper , Sliding Door

A Scandinavian Minimal yet Versatile Home

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The homeowners perceive home is beyond a resting place, it is a cozy space to recharge, build interest and create memories.  Designers rearranged the apartment layout by opening up the three adjacent bedrooms which encouraged flexibility and mobility. 

Living and Dining Room

Cohesive design

In the living and dining room, to enforce the unity of design, both the high cabinets and feature wall used grey and slatted wood design to convey a sense of cohesiveness. Storage functions, entertainment zone and piano zone were coordinated smoothly and harmoniously. 

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WeChat 圖片_20221101182135.jpg

Versatile textures and lighting effect

The interior was escalated by bringing a contemporary blend of rich textures and lines, like white marble, wood, and curved edges.  LED strip light also creates ambience and adds accent to the space. 

Master Bedroom

Coziness and minimalism are the key components when it comes to a space for rest and unwind. The large wall area was utilized for the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with natural wood tactile. Soft grey fabric wallpapers and headboard also evokes the language of softness and coziness. 

Gym Room / Utility Room

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The partition wall was replaced by a sliding door to allow easy access to the gym room or utility room from the master suite. To bring the hobbies and lifestyle of homeowners into the design, this room provides an independant activity space for fitness and yoga. Full-length mirror and curved cabinet design also enhance the spaciousness. 


In the son's bedroom, an artistic and greenery hue was applied in the wallpaper and headboard. 

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House Tour

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