Apr 12, 2023

Mid-Levels | Before and After

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The clients are a couple of young and sophisticated prfessionals working in law. They want to renovate the apartment into a black and white interior, with spacious and luxurious ambience. The original plan was a 3-bedrooms apartment, designer integrated the 3 bedrooms into a larger master bedroom, to make the space feel generous and flexible. 


The colour palette and design of flooring can transform a home into a different vibe. In this one-room flat, designer chose to use black floor tile to create an impressive black and white design style. 

Incorporated black as a base, walls and funiture dramatically were painted in flawless stark white to strike a balance between moody yet reinvigorating. 


The space planning is as simple as its colour palette B&W. The apartment is divided in two major functional area - living dining room and master bedroom by a sliding door. When opening the sliding door, the door can be seamlessly concealed at the back of the wardrobe in master bedroom.

The open-plan master bedroom design allows the couple to relax, enjoys books, movie, as well as spectacular harbour view. 

The feature wall is the highlight in this space. With the soft beige upholstered fabric headboard, embolished with black steel and paired with mirror, it cultivates a comfy and glam aesthetics. 


Creating an atmosphere that evokes sophisticated yet modern luxury design style, marble and a little touch of gold metalic are incorporated in the kitchen.  Built-in fridge is also applied to completely blend into the kitchen cabinetry, resulting in a sleek and elegant feel. 


Instead of an authentic wooden door, the kichen and bathroom door are used of frosted glass, which preserving a sense of lightness and transparancy.