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Kai Tak
Kai Tak | OASIS
Two-Room Apartment
451 square feet

A Contemporary Concept Space

Our designer tried to apply timber pattern wall in areas of the unit to shape a warm and comfy atmosphere, as well as to connect different rooms with the same element. Piecing various materials and patterns and having curvy furniture in the living and dining room boost a contemporary concept in the space.

The low cabinet design allows the owners to place AV equipment on top and also create a sense of spaciousness. It helps build up the comfy aura at the dining area and enhance the spaciousness by disjoining the dining and living rooms. Separating the dining room and the kitchen with different floor patterns can enhance the spaciousness as well as the storage.

Timber Pattern Wall creates harmony and matches with the mood in living and dining room. The full-height cabinet maximizes the storage area in the bedroom. Owners can mix and match everyday style with the full-length mirror, it also creates a sense of spaciousness.

The L-shape working desk allows the owner to have more space on multiple tasks. 

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