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LP 10
2-bedrooms apartment
647 square feet
Wall Painting, Custom-made Furniture​

Calming Colour Palette with Scandinavian Aesthetics

The apartment was designed for sisters. They wanted the home to be all white with natural light and a minimal and soothing design. In the meanwhile, they hope their private space is allowed to reflect their personality.

Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, the apartment is characterised by clean lines, smooth textures and a calming, neutral colour palette. In the dining room, a kitchen island is designed to extend the kitchen working station with an extendable table and castors, which is easy to move around wherever you like. 

Anchoring the neutral and beige palette of the living and dining room, designers use the same tones, textures and soft gentle curves across the bedrooms. However, accent colour was added to each of the bedrooms, which represented the personality of the sisters. 

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