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Montego Bay
Yau Tong - Montego Bay
2-bedrooms apartment
520 square feet
Wall Paint, Wallpaper, Built in Furniture, Platform Storage​

An unwind home with a blend of ratten weaving and eathy tone

Inspired by the owner’s hobby - planting, here is a sophisticated blend of earthy tone and rattan weaving, creating a soothing and cozy atmosphere that is complemented by the organic touches of the furnishings. 

The living room is an intimate area for the family to gather and unwind in. The designer opted for a double-sided sofa which encourages family interaction in the living room. And this inviting space is perfect for the owners to host and entertain guests.

The use of rattan weaving extends to the kid’s room and master bedroom which helps to introduce a cohesive,  natural and tranquil ambience. 

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