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Kai Tak | K.SUMMIT
3 Bedrooms Apartment
766 square feet
Painting & Wallpaper, Built in Furnitures, Hidden Door​

The Aesthetic and Serenity in a Modern White Living Space

Clean, simple lines and minimalism are the key elements of Scandinavian design style. White and neutral colour are mainly used throughout the home as it gives a glimpse of a bright and refreshing feel to the interior. With a blend of textures, minimal lines, and soft hues, designers create a sleek, modern feel yet cozy living space. 

Harnessing tactility within a space is integral in forming a comfortable environment, especially in the dining room. By using a light grey fabric wall covering and light wood batten wall design, designers added tactile consciousness and warmth to the space. Even more, the kitchen and hallway door were concealed harmoniously. Utilizing monochromatic colours does not mean plain and boring. In this white and grey dining room,  natural wood furniture helps create a dramatic, impactful statement which adds layering and intimacy. 

Light grey and marble top TV board connects the living room and dining area. Such an approach enhances the sense of spaciousness and continuity. An abundance of storage space is provided without compromising aesthetics. A thread of cohesiveness pervades through the dining and living room by using the light wood batten design on hallway door and wall-mounted cabinet. The floating cabinet also gives the space a modern and airy feel.

The master bedroom is imbued in the same colour palette as the living and dining room. Striking a balance between tranquility and functionality, a ceiling height wardrobe, a bed frame with a hinged lid cabinet at the end are custom-designed to maximize space and provide hidden storage. To maximize floor space, loft bed design and wall-mounted cabinets are designed for small bedrooms. Taking into account the future needs of the family, flexible design helps the room to be transformed into a nursery room or a study.

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