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Lai Chi Kok | Liberte
2 Bedrooms Apartment
522 square feet
Full Renovation, Sliding Door, Built in Furnitures​

Transform into a Light and Bright Home

This 522-sq.ft. apartment in Liberte is home to a couple and their cats and fish. Both the owner and his wife adore the modern minimal style that's simple, neat and spacious. To transform the space to a cozy ideal home, the design team renovated the apartment to accommodate their living needs.

By taking advantage of generous sunlight flows into the living room, monochromatic colour schemes were used to enlarge the narrow space visually. Grey wood floor, beige wall and white built-in furniture coordinates peacefully and brings an elegant tactility and a sense of authenticity to the home. 

For loosing furniture, round pieces like the dining table and oval-shaped coffee table were deliberately arranged which helps counter long horizontal lines in a long narrow living room. Designers also played around with a combination of wood batten design on a sideboard, embellished white marble to balance minimalism and tactility. 

Large format marble tiles were employed in the kitchen and bathroom. With fewer grout lines, it creates a minimal and modern feel. In the kitchen, the design team replaced the existing door with sliding glass door which allows more space for kitchenware.

In the master bedroom, we went for a light wood open shelf and bed frame to complement the white wall. To fit the owner’s storage needs while maintaining simplicity and aesthetics, the height of the cabinet at bed end is aligned with the dressing table. Even the luggages can be concealed tactfully and beautifully. 


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