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The Capitol
Lohas Park | The Capitol
3 Bedrooms Apartment
716 square feet
Full Renovation, Layout Alternation, Sliding Door​

Black and White Crafts a Sophisticated Modern Home

Black-and-white interior design has the power to create a lasting impression, simple yet bold.  The owners have a penchant for a clean and minimalist aesthetic, but at the same time storage needs cannot be neglected. Designers craft an uncluttered and minimalist interior by incorporating a monochrome scheme, embellished with sleek modern lines and glass to convey a sophisticated simplicity.  

The full-wall cabinet is the main storing unit in the room. A white and simple design aligned with the stack white wall elevates the space and creates the illusion that the room is larger than it really is. To give a modern and chic look, the design team chose to use a black dining set as a statement of the space. Linear pendant light, black wooden dining table and grey velvet chair are simple in lines and palette but versatile in texture. 

The same textural mix extends into the living room, where black iron frame, glasses, and white furniture create a cohesive tone. The floor-to-ceiling windows drew the outdoor views inside. Considering this asset of the apartment, designers opt for a low height sofa and TV cabinet to avoid obscuring the spectacular view outside window. 

In addition to meeting the working-from-home needs of the owners, a bedroom behind the sofa was transformed into a semi-open study which is enclosed with a glass partition and a sliding reeded glass door. They bring natural light in and serve as a unique focal point between the study and living room.

The master bedroom design was retained to ensure the comfort and functionality of the space. Designers decided to merge the master bedroom and walk-in closet into one by removing the partition wall. Enormous storage space is provided for clothes and luggages without sacrificing the spaciousness and mobility. The space is remodeled with a modern style, with calming shades of grey and white marble wall tile and light wood as the main palette. 

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